6 Crawling Activities to Promote Gross Motor Development

Feb 1st, 2020

Your baby is crawling or creeping now! How exciting! You might be realizing just how many things your baby can now get into. I’ve heard that when baby proofing crawl around the house so that you are on the same level as baby to see what they could get into. There might be more things that you don’t want baby to play with then you realized!

Here are some great gross motor activities to do with baby now that they are crawling.

#1. Obstacle course#

Use pillows or cushions to create an obstacle course for baby to crawl through. You might have to guide baby through the course the first time or two. I did this with Riley by placing a toy a few feet in front of her for her to crawl to and then I moved the toy along the obstacle course. Your baby may follow the path or they may try crawling over the pillows and cushions. Both are great for baby!

Smiley Riley

#2. Push the ball# Give baby a ball to push ahead and crawl toward. Show baby how you keep pushing and chasing after the ball. This continues to encourage baby to crawl as well as works on hand eye coordination.

Smiley Riley

#3. Climbing ladders# Baby friendly climbing ladders or low steps are great for baby to try. We purchased climbing play mats for Riley and she quickly figured out how to climb up and down the stairs which she now does on our low step down into our living room. She loves to climb up the step, turn around, and climb back down.

Smiley Riley

Smiley Riley

#4. Climbing up and down a ramp#

We purchased a climbing ramp mat with our climbing play mats. Riley loves to climb up and down. We have also showed her how she can roll down the ramp too which she isn’t as excited about as crawling or sliding down it. You can create a low ramp with pillows and cushions too. Prop the couch cushion up with pillows to create a small incline for baby to crawl up and roll/crawl down.

Smiley Riley

#5. Follow the leader# Riley loves to be around us so sometimes we will crawl out of the room while still talking to Riley. She will then crawl to come find us. She gets so excited when she has found us or caught up to us.

#6. Chase the baby# Baby bear has become quite the explorer and I will let her get a head start before crawling after her. While still talking to Riley, I let her know I am following her and will quickly catch up to her and smother her with kisses. This always gets a giggle or too. She also enjoys when I pull on her feet to bring her back to me. Sometimes she will purposely stop crawling and offer me her feet so that I can pull her back to me.

Sometimes this stage can be exhausting because you always have to be vigilant, but I hope with these activities you also can enjoy all the excitement this next stage has to offer!

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