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DIY Bubbles
Aug 10th 2020
TAGGED: activities
Who doesn't love bubbles? This is an activity for all ages! There's even a simple 3 ingredient recipe to make your own bubble solution!
Let's Match
Aug 3rd 2020
TAGGED: activities
Here's a cognitive development activity geared for toddlers ages 1 to 3 focusing on matching different textures, patterns, and colors!
Animal Hunt
Jul 14th 2020
TAGGED: activities
This is a fun outdoor activity for the sand table or sand box. So gather up those animals and let's go on an animal hunt!
Where is...
Jul 13th 2020
TAGGED: activities
This activity is great for developing object permanence, focus, attention span, and memory.
Snack Pour
Jul 9th 2020
TAGGED: activities
Here's a great snack time activity that will help your child work on their wrist strength and control.
Liquid Sidewalk Chalk
Jul 7th 2020
TAGGED: activities
This is a great outdoor activity for children of all ages. For those older kiddos, have them help you make the liquid sidewalk chalk.
Vision Development
Jul 1st 2020
TAGGED: activities
Did you know there was a difference between eyesight and vision? Vision is the ability to process what we see and it's something we can improve. Here are some activities ranging from birth to 5 focusing on vision.
Hand Me the Block
Jun 30th 2020
TAGGED: activities
Put your child's listening vocabulary to the test with this activity. How many words do they actually understand?
Jun 22nd 2020
TAGGED: activities
Onomatopoeia are sound words like vroom, splat, boink! They are so much fun to say and great for practicing language!
Nursery Rhymes and Finger Plays
Jun 18th 2020
TAGGED: activities
Nursery Rhymes are fun for children of all ages!