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Games Make Learning Fun
Oct 11th 2023
TAGGED: activities
Here is how I incorporate games into the learning experience
4th of July Experiments
Jul 4th 2023
TAGGED: activities
Simple yet fun 4th of July experiments to try with your littles!
Butterfly Preschool Unit
Jul 3rd 2023
TAGGED: activities
Discover the joys of the Butterfly Life Cycle with this comprehensive, hands-on thematic preschool unit
Color Mixing
May 1st 2023
TAGGED: activities
Two fun color mixing activities that you can do with kids of all ages!
Color Recognition Activities
Mar 29th 2023
TAGGED: activities
Here are some quick and easy activities to help recognize their colors
Letter Recognition Activities
Feb 24th 2023
TAGGED: activities
Here are some quick and easy activities to help your preschooler identify uppercase and lowercase letters
Chia Seeds Sensory Tray
Jul 11th 2022
TAGGED: activities
Looking for a fresh sensory tray? Look no further! This is a taste safe slimy goo your little one is looking for!
4th of July Activities
Jul 6th 2022
TAGGED: activities
Looking for some fun interactive 4th of July activities? Look no further! Start the day off with a yummy breakfast and end with firework painting!
Jun 14th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Your newborn is ready to start tracking by about 5 weeks. This is a great way to build up those eye muscles and coordinate vision and hearing!
Gelatin Jigglers
May 5th 2021
TAGGED: activities
A sensory activity and snack time all in one! Have your little chef help you prepare snack time today!