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Jun 14th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Your newborn is ready to start tracking by about 5 weeks. This is a great way to build up those eye muscles and coordinate vision and hearing!
Gelatin Jigglers
May 5th 2021
TAGGED: activities
A sensory activity and snack time all in one! Have your little chef help you prepare snack time today!
Baby Calisthenics
Apr 23rd 2021
TAGGED: activities
Check out these gentle and easy exercises to do with your little one to build body awareness and muscle tone.
Shaving Cream Play
Apr 12th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Need a quick and easy activity! This one requires very little prep and is easy clean up!
Snack Time: Egg Hunt
Apr 5th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Get your kids up and moving as they eat healthy snacks! Let's get active!
Tummy Time
Mar 29th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Tummy time got you and your little one down? Give these quick and easy tummy time activities a try!
Indoor Snow
Mar 8th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Is your little one unsure about the snow? Are all the snow clothes still wet from playing outside earlier? No problem! Try this activity for some indoor snow fun without all the chill!
High Contrast Images
Mar 1st 2021
TAGGED: activities
Looking for actitivies to do with your newborn? Want to make tummy time more engaging? Here's a simple activity to try!
Clean Up Time
Feb 22nd 2021
TAGGED: activities
What does clean up time look like at your house? Here are some ways to make clean up time a bit more enjoyable for all!
Feb 17th 2021
TAGGED: activities
Swings aren't just a great outdoor activity. They can be a fun indoor one as well!