Shaving Cream Art
This is a great sensory art activity and I bet you have most, if not all, the materials you need at home!
Egg Carton Sort
Plastic eggs have so many uses! Here are some ways you can use them with your toddler!
DIY Bubbles
Who doesn't love bubbles? This is an activity for all ages! There's even a simple 3 ingredient recipe to make your own bubble solution!

Since having Riley, being a mom has felt like my life's purpose and I love it -Samm

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Welcome to my blog! As an early childhood educator I have a passion for helping children learn and develop. I am excited to share with you what my daughter Riley is working on. In each activity, there will be a how-to section, what Riley thought of it, and what your child will gain from this activity (benefits). I hope you try out the different activities with your little ones. Let me know what you think and how the activities went! Happy play time!