Snack Pour
Here's a great snack time activity that will help your child work on their wrist strength and control.
Liquid Sidewalk Chalk
This is a great outdoor activity for children of all ages. For those older kiddos, have them help you make the liquid sidewalk chalk.
Vision Development
Did you know there was a difference between eyesight and vision? Vision is the ability to process what we see and it's something we can improve. Here are some activities ranging from birth to 5 focusing on vision.

Since having Riley, being a mom has felt like my life's purpose and I love it -Samm

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Welcome to my blog! As an early childhood educator I have a passion for helping children learn and develop. I am excited to share with you what my daughter Riley is working on. In each activity, there will be a how-to section, what Riley thought of it, and what your child will gain from this activity (benefits). I hope you try out the different activities with your little ones. Let me know what you think and how the activities went! Happy play time!