Feb 17th, 2021

Smiley Riley

With it being winter time, Riley doesn’t get to go out on the new patio to use her swing. She absolutely loves her swing. Often times it was hard to get her to get off her swing because she just kept asking for more! However, here is a great indoor swing activity that is perfect anytime of the year or if you don’t have access to a swing!

Swinging is great for your child’s vestibular development and sensory development. Vestibular stimulation is great for posture, movement, a sense of position in space, motion, depth, and self. It also helps with balance and hearing. If you don’t have access to a swing for your little one or even if you do, you can try this blanket swing activity! This activity is great for infants as well as toddlers.


  1. Grab a large blanket and lay your little one down in the middle of the blanket.
  2. With the help of another adult, one holds one end of the blanket and the other adult is holding the other end .
  3. Gently swing your little one back and forth.
  4. Sing a song as you swing your child back and forth for an added language benefit!

Smiley Riley


  • Sensory Development
  • Vestibular Development
  • Vision Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Balance
  • Hearing
  • Language Development